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VITA*SOMA * 100ml

VI SO 100 d

CHF 88.00


For the production of VITA*SOMA and AQUA*TACHYONIA solely steam distilled water is used. VITA SOMA has been introduced late 1999. The decisive factor fo* its market launch in Europe were the sensational successes of our business partner in South Africa:

For a children’s hospital in South Africa with specialized in treating burnings, he provided without charge VITA*SOMA in big quantities.

Despite of the absolutely overwhelming successes, this project has to be abandoned after a few months; the directors of the hospital were no more able to carry the repression on the part of a pharmaceutical company.

This product is used with great success to ease insect bites and in case of skin problems such as sunburn, as after shave and for “energetically dejamming” the aftereffects of cicatrices.

* * *

We published detailled information about VITA*SOMA under this link on our homepage.