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NAOS Stele


CHF 444.00


Tachyon light portal

The inspiration for this object came to me when I was looking for a symbol that can help trigger resolution processes by harmonizing the cause of any problem on a subtle level. This symbol should then be applied to a new line of products and show the same interesting potential as our other BIOTAC Line© tachyon products that we have been offering since 1995.

In order to be able to present an object that is not only lightful and aesthetic we decided to make it with maple wood, walnut wood and crystalline silicon. Thanks to validated scientific studies it is now proven that without silicon a healthy development of our organism is impossible. Each NAΩS-Stele is individually handcrafted in our workshops. Therefore it is unique; like its future owners ;-)

Materials: pure crystalline silicon, base made with maple and walnut wood
Height: 160mm, width: 180mm


Potential / Impact

The designation Stele of NAΩS is related to ancient Egyptian mythology. Its mention in ancient papyri describes the word naos as the seat of the gods. The modern Greek language describes the word naos -among others- as: Place where one practices his religion (temple).


The NAΩS-Stele is meant to create an energy field that illuminates the room in which it is located with very subtle lightful vibrations that carry the following basic theme: liberation. The NAΩS-Stele shall allow an oasis of peace to bloom in your living room and bedroom. An extraordinary object for people and companies who have specialized in the field of health and for companies and who are committed to the well-being of humans, plants and animals.


At the beginning of our activity we noticed that only natural materials should be used for the tachyonization process, because they respect the environment and are distinguished by having a relatively perfect atomic structure. And, according to one of the principles of the law of nature, a regular atomic structure is a very important criterion. For the manufacture of the NAΩS-Stele we use pure crystalline silica and maple and walnut wood as well.

The maple tree is the sacred tree of the Ani Tsisqua (bird tribe or Tsalagi). The Akunęhsyę̀ni (Indigenous Iroquois of Canada) considered its juice to be "honey of life." This noble sweetness combines the characteristics of attraction and solicitation and the ability to unify things; a highly positive energy! That's why maple wood sticks are used for magical rituals to attract positive spirits.

Maple syrup has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of maple syrup would allow to intervene favorably against cancer and diabetes. On the other hand, the polyphenols present in the syrup would allow a maintenance of a correct glycemia in diabetics.

Walnut wood is a noble wood and its use is reserved for making only high-quality objects. It is characterized by its high dynamic strength and low tendency to splinter. What makes the potential of this object very interesting is the fact that the ground under a walnut tree is hardly covered by other plants. This tree secretes a substance (also present in the leaves and bark) that inhibits seed germination and disrupts the growth of other plants. Farmers know that walnut trees chase away flies; that's why this tree was often planted on their farms (next to the manure pile).

Silicon: The intake of silicon helps to restore the ionic balance of damaged or weakened cells, to restart the electrical exchanges at the level of cell membranes, and intervenes directly in the process of regeneration of the cell. Thanks to all this, it can help us to maintain, improve or recover health and overall energy.

Maple wood … "attracts" desirable energies.

Walnut wood … "repels" unwanted energies.

Through tachyonization we "awaken" the basic characteristics of the materials used. We are sure you can imagine what this means in relation to the NAΩS-Stele ;-)

* * *

Squaring the circle: Impossible? No way. We wish you a lot of fun with this little portal of light!

* * *

To fully exploit the holistic synergies of this particular symbol, we offer two complementary products:

A) The NAΩS*CARD which serves as "trigger button" for the Dharma/Karma ritual with which the cause of the problem to be solved can be harmonized.

B) The NAΩS-Talisman acts as a link between the NAΩS*CARD, respectively the glass filled with water that you have placed on the NAΩS*CARD. This pendant -on its side- captures the programmed information (even from long distances) from the water and thus stimulates body, soul and spirit of the wearer.